Gentle Somatic Yoga:

Hour Long, Whole Body Flow

In this hour long class, Danielle leads you through several Gentle Somatic Movements that will target tight muscles in the body. The variety of movements chosen for this class allow all areas of the body to experience release of tension.

What is Gentle Somatic Yoga?

Do you ever have those days when you lose your phone or you walk into the kitchen and then forget what you walked in there to get? Well, you're not alone! Sometimes our nervous system forgets things as well.

After a muscle has been tensed for a long period of time due to stress or repeated movements, sometimes they forget how to relax. This leads to chronically tight, painful muscles. This also can happen due to a sudden injury. This forgetfulness is called sensory motor amnesia.

In these situations, it is the brain that needs to re-learn how to relax the muscles. Gentle Somatic Yoga works to do just this.

Just like other forms of yoga, one of the goals of gentle somatic yoga is to increase awareness of the mind-body-soul connection. While traditional yoga focuses on stretches and strengthening muscles, gentle somatic yoga focuses on small, mindful movements that work to erase chronically tight muscles. By working slowly and mindfully, not only do we increase our mind-body-soul connection, we also work to erase sensory motor amnesia.

P.S. feels good!

Danielle Parker, RTY-200

Danielle Parker came to yoga via meditation. As an undergraduate, she decided to get an "easy A" by taking a course titled Meditation in Indian Culture. While she did not get an A, she did become hooked on meditation. More than a decade later, after kids and jobs and way too much Real Life, she came across yoga as she attempted to rediscover her meditation practice. She was amazed at the connection between body and breathe and the corresponding effect it had on her mind. She completed her 200 hour teacher training at Holy Cow Yoga Studio (Charlesotn, SC) in 2016. She is currently working with James Knight on her Gentle Somatic Yoga certifications. She has completed Levels 1 & 2 and is looking forward to her Level 3 certification.

Gentle Somatic Yoga:

Hour Long, Whole Body Flow


Gentle Somatic Yoga

Hour Long Class